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Quality and service commitments

Use high quality raw material: aluminum ingot is from top then factory in china, and A00 level, no permit any scrap; powder is from AKZ NOBLE company, D1010 standard, and have quality commitments for AKZ company; fluorocarbon paint is from PPG company, and quality commitments from PPG.

Producing is strictly supervised under ISO9001-2000 system, the checking standard is GB5237-2008 high or exceed high standard. If there is some special requirements or standard (japan or America standard), we will produce and checking the products according to what we have achieved the agreement, after further talking from both side.

If have the honor and become your company supplier, we will produce and check your products according to what you need strictly, for best services to you.

lead time

Normal condition, the lead time 10 working days, if the order volume is very big, or meet some irresistible accident, the lead time need communicate with each other, if there some special need from your company, we could and make sure that producing with 24 hours working.

service after sales

Our services will reply the solving method within 24 hours, after get the complain from clients, if there is some need to go to clients company, we will arrange relevant clerk within 48 hours to go to clients company and solving the problem.

Technique support: my company has technician team, and could meet clients technique requirements, in the same while, we could go to clients factory and take part in the technique problem solving.